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D4L Foundation Module

Instructional Design for Online Learning: Techniques and Pedagogy


Welcome to Week 3 of the Foundation Module - Focus on Instructional Design Steps 5 through 7. You will plan instructional strategies; including instructional presentation and learner participation; as well as planning for instructional tools,  instructional materials; and formative and summative evaluation.




Last week, the first four steps of the instructional design process were covered. To give you a visualization of what we will cover this week in the Foundation Module, please take a look at the Figure below. The steps highlighted in yellow will be our focus. After reviewing the model below, let's begin with Step 5.

This image depicts the 7 Steps with Steps 5, 6, and 7 highlighted in yellow

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council with funding from the Institue for Museum and Library Services.