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D4L Foundation Module

Instructional Design for Online Learning: Techniques and Pedagogy

Testing, Assessment, Summative Evaluation and Follow-Through

2 Step 5. Planning Instructional Strategies: Pre-Instructional Activities

2.2 Step 5. Instructional Strategies: Testing, Assessment, Summative Evaluation, and Follow-Through

Step 5. Instructional Strategies:  Testing, Assessment, Summative Evaluation, and Follow-Through

  • Testing and Assessment: How will learning success be assessed? -Transcript (pdf in process) and  Video (mp4)
  • Summative Evaluation: assessing whether the instructional goals and learning objectives have been attained during the instruction. - Transcript (pdf) and Video (mp4):


if the video does not appear embedded above this text, you can visit it directly at

That's it for Step 5. Thorough planning in Step 5 will make your life much easier when actually delivering your instruction.


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