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Eclipse Resources for 2024: Books

Resources for libraries and other organizations in preparation for the total solar eclipse happening in our region on April 8, 2024.


Dewey Classifications

520 Astronomy & Allied Sciences
523 Specific Celestial Bodies & Phenomena
523.3 Moon
523.7 Sun
523.9 Satellites, and Rings; Eclipses, Transits, Occultations
523.99 Eclipses, Transits, Occultations

Earth (Astronomical Geography)

Resources Connecting Eclipses and Other Fields

Library of Congress Solar Eclipses: A Reference Guide

This guide highlights resources on solar eclipses and eclipse observation and photography, listing general works as well as guidebooks, eclipse expedition and observation reports, library blog posts and videos, internet websites and more.

Books on Sora

Eclipses in Fiction

For Kids

When reading these books at Story Time or making a display, consider adding a note that illustrations sometimes contradict safety rules.  In "A Few Beautiful Minutes," for example, people look at the sun without protective eyewear - which can cause blindness. Have fun and be safe!

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council.