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Hamilton-Burr Duel Collection

Fenimore Art Museum's Burr - Hamilton Duel Collection is comprised of the correspondence that passed between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr (and their seconds, Pendleton and Van Ness) before the historic duel. The exchange of letters by the four participants -- Burr, Hamilton, Van Ness, and Pendleton -- preceding the duel took place from June 18 - July 9, 1804. Further correspondence and statements made after the duel, from July 11, 1804 to Mar. 5, 1805, by Burr, Van Ness, and Pendleton are also included in the collection. Included among the correspondence are accounts of the duel by Van Ness and Pendleton, the only living witnesses of the duel besides Burr himself.

Digital collection on New York Heritage.

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