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D4L Technologies Module

Technological Tools for Teaching

Learning Activities for Week One

Learning Activity 1. Reviewing and Evaluating Examples of Online Instruction (screen casts/online tutorials)

  1. Choose two screen casts/online tutorials from the Topic 1 Resources List: Examples of Online Instruction OR
  2. Browse through library web sites with which you are familiar, and pick out 2 screen casts or online tutorials you think are excellent. 
  3. These can be from any type of library that interests you. 
  4. Review and evaluate each tutorial using this criteria:
    • Does the example seem to follow a clear instructional design?
    • Who is the example intended for? (What learners/audience?)
    • What are the instructional goals of the example?
    • What are the learning objectives of the example?
    • Does the example or demo use technologies which you and your learners could use in your library or home?
    • Which technologies (applets, plug-ins, proprietary software, etc) in addition to standard Web pages are used in this example?
    • Which technologies would you and your learners *not* be able to use from your library or home to learn from the example or demo?
    • Does the example use good Web page design principles?
  5. Then Post the URLs of your two choices along with a brief overview of why you think they are high quality. (1 paragraph)
  6. Explain the best practices you think these tutorials are using. (1 paragraph)
  7. What learning needs do you think these screencasts meet? (1 paragraph
This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council with funding from the Institue for Museum and Library Services.