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D4L Technologies Module

Technological Tools for Teaching

Practice Screencasting

Topic 3 Resources List: Screen Casting Tools and Multi-media Storage Sites; Practice Screen Casting

Note:  Where these instructions mention Canvas, think Moodle instead.

Michelle Holschuh Simmons' Practice Screen Casting Instructions:

LIBR 254 Information Literacy and Learning Spring 2015 - San Jose State University School of Information

Step 1: Select your screencast technology:
Information professionals design, create, and post online tutorials/screencasts that explain how to use specific research tools (such as subject-specific databases) or how to do certain tasks (such as finding the full-text of an article from a bibliographic record in a database). For the first part of this assignment, you will have the opportunity to design and create your own brief screencast (less than five- minutes) for your chosen audience using the freely-downloadable Jing ( (Jing works for both Macs and PCs) or a similar product such as Camtasia ( Camtasia has a 30 day free trial that you could use if you dont want to use Jing. There are also several excellent options that do not require a software download; you might try Screenr (, Screencastle (, Screencast-O-Matic (http://www.screencast-o- If you dont like any of these options, see for an annotated list of other screencasting tools. If you are using Jing, seefor a short screencast about how to create a Jing screencast!

Step 2: Create a practice screencast: 
In order to be sure that your screen casting software is working properly on your computer, I would like you create a practice screencast a couple weeks before the instructional screencast is due. The purpose of this practice screencast is only to be sure I can hear your voice and see movements on your screen, and to be sure you understand how to share your screencast with me. The content of this screencast does not matter. Thus, show me a couple pictures of your dog and tell me about him or her; show me and tell me about your favorite website; show me how you organize your electronic recipe file; etc. Really, I mean anything! Note: If you would like to combine this practice screencast assignment with your introduction to your classmates and me, you could introduce yourself and post the screencast both in Canvas dropbox AND in the Introducing Ourselves discussion forum. This practice screencast does not need to be long; I just need to hear your voice and see something move on your screen, so five or ten seconds is long enough, but of course it can be up to five minutes. Please do not try to use your webcam to film a video; screen casting software is not well suited to capturing many frames per second, and so your file will quickly become unwieldy if you attempt to capture a webcam video. This practice screencast does not need to be polished. Don't spend time re-recording it because you stumbled over your language or you coughed or your dog barked. I wont mind!

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council with funding from the Institue for Museum and Library Services.