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D4L Technologies Module

Technological Tools for Teaching

Learning Activities for Week Three

Learning Activity 3. Select a Screen casting Tool, a Multi-Media Storage Site, and Finalize your Script

  1. Choose a screen casting tool and a site to store your screencasts from the Topic 3 Resources List: Screen Casting Tools and Multi-media Storage Sites
  2. Post your screen casting tool and site choices to this forum by May 8
  3. Practice screen casting and storing your recordings, with the script you developed for the demonstration of the tool you reviewed and evaluated last week.
  4. Revise and Finalize your script.
  5. Post your practice screen cast URL if you wish to share.
  6. Post your revised script if you would like feedback on it.
This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council with funding from the Institue for Museum and Library Services.