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D4L Foundation Module

Instructional Design for Online Learning: Techniques and Pedagogy

The Importance of Teaching and Learning Online for LIbraries

Introduction to the Importance of Teaching and Learning Online for Libraries 

Online learning has become ubiquitous and libraries and librarians need to be present where our patrons are working. In this week's module, we'll discuss the importance of teaching and learning online for libraries, time and commitment involved in instructional design, and introduce The 7 steps of Effective Online Teaching and Learning.The learning materials for this week include both text-based and video lectures/presentations, readings, participant discussion, and a learning activity.


For this module, you may find the following readings helpful.

The Importance of Teaching and Learning Online for Libraries

Please view the video below. A transcript of the video is provided in both PDF and Word formats below the video.

if the video does not appear embedded above this text, you can visit it directly at

Video Transcript: PDF or MS Word



This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council with funding from the Institue for Museum and Library Services.