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D4L Foundation Module

Instructional Design for Online Learning: Techniques and Pedagogy

Formative Evaluation

4 Step 7. Formative Evaluation

Step 7. Formative Evaluation:

  • Formative Evaluation: assessing the instruction itself; teacher performance, the design, the instructional materials, etc. & Options for formative evaluation. - Transcript (pdf) and Video (mp4):

We are almost there! In the Step 7 video below, Diane talks about the differences between formative and summative evaluation and considers a number of issues including how the teacher could be more effective.

if the video does not appear embedded above this text, you can visit it directly at

Key Points for Step 7

  • How will learners be evaluated? or How will the success or failure in achieving performance/learning objectives of the instruction be measured? Will you give tests or quizzes? Papers or Essays? Projects?
  • How will you verify that the learning which took place is used on the job or transferable to future learning situations? or how will instructional goals be measured or evaluated?
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