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D4L Foundation Module

Instructional Design for Online Learning: Techniques and Pedagogy

Drafting Your Instructional Design Plan

Learning Activity 4. Drafting your Instructional Design Plan & Step 7. Formative Evaluation

  1. First, Write a paragraph or two describing how you will evaluate your instruction to improve it for the future: Formative Evaluation is your intention for evaluating your instruction (not the learners).
  2. Then proceed to the "Don't Overthink This" section below:
  3. Using your work from Learning Activities 1 through 3, draft a final instructional design plan for a short course/workshop/tutorial for your Capstone Project.
  4. Save your Draft Instructional Design Plan locally in any format that works for you.
  5.  You'll be using your draft instructional design plan to make decisions about your work in the Technologies, Diversity, Community, and Social modules, as well as to guide your Capstone project.

Instructional Design Step. 7. Formative Evaluation:

Don't Overthink This.

  1. Yes, do actually include the work you have done in Learning Activities 1-3 to begin working. Then re-read and re-write your instructional design draft into a report that is appropriate for sharing with a manager/grants committee/administrator or other person who would approve or not approve it.

  2. Each section should have an appropriate heading. Each section should include the work you did in developing  specific steps that you are choosing to include. No need to duplicate information.  e.g., Step 5 information is a reiteration of the previous steps.  Don't include instructional analysis (step 2) since you developed that into your instructional strategy - presentation.  Use the information you ended with after that reiteration.  Include any updates or revisions based on subsequent learning or feedback since you first completed each section (learning activity).

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