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D4L Community Module

Engaging with Learners - How to Develop Your Community

Community Management Worksheet

Learning Activity 3. Community Management Worksheet

In part 2 of my presentation for this week, I'll talk you through filling out this worksheet and provide some resources to help.

First you need to download or print out the blank worksheet attached here as either a PDF or Word Doc. If you print it out you can write in your notes by hand, or if you prefer you can download it and work on it in a word processor.

Please take a look also at my samples - I'm working through these steps with you and I've shared my work on a current project. Attached here you'll find my filled out version of this worksheet and of the Digital Engagement Framework worksheet (which I discuss in this week's presentation).

Don't overthink this! The worksheet was meant for brainstorming, and meant to be messy. I don't expect it to be pretty - I'm just curious to see your thoughts. You'll have the chance to polish it up for next week to include in your evolving instructional design for your capstone project. 

Then please upload your worksheet here. If you wrote your answers by hand, please scan it as a PDF and upload it here. If you worked on it in a word processor, please upload it as a Word doc. 

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council with funding from the Institue for Museum and Library Services.