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Empire State Library Network Library Practical Library Assessment Webinar Series

Does the phrase "library assessment" send you into a slight (or not so slight) panic? You know that it is crucial in determining how well your library or library system is meeting its mission, goals, and objectives-and in designing effective programs and services.

A library's "return on investment" can influence a library's funding. Academic and school libraries need to know that their investment in programs and services are making a positive difference in student outcomes and meeting researchers' needs. Recent research links hospital and health sciences libraries to improved patient care.

Library assessment is not new and most libraries are going to have existing data available to help them. How do you use this data in your decision-making? What data already exists in your library that you can draw from? How do you present this data in a meaningful way to your stakeholders?

This series of library assessment webinars features leading experts on library assessment. It includes general information and "the nuts and bolts of assessment" including survey design, focus groups, data-driven decision making, data visualization, and communicating outcomes.


Why Assessment? An Introduction and How to be Successful

Community Engagement and Assessment

Show Me the Data: Effective Visual Communication

Commmunicating the Library's Value

By the Numbers: Quantitative Data in Libraries

Building Trust and Student Empowerment Through Assessment

Using Data for Peer Benchmarking and Best Practices

Gather Your Quantitative Data and Tell Your Story

Planning and Conducting Effective Focus Groups

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council.