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Being a school librarian is one of the best jobs in the world! Use this guide to learn what school librarians do and what the education and certification requirements are.


Over the past several years, a shortage of certified school librarians (sometimes called "Teacher Librarians" or "Library Media Specialists") has existed for most parts of New York state.  The American Association of School Librarians has officially adopted the term "school librarian".   In order to obtain a school librarian position in New York state, one must have a Master's degree in Library Science and teaching credentials.


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NYSED Certification Requirements

There are some options in obtaining your goal to become a certified school librarian.  Are you already a certified teacher?  Do you already have a Master's Degree in Library Science?  You may be able to obtain a Supplemental Certificate after completing 12 graduate credits from a Master's in Library Science program.

Check out this website. More information at this certification link.

Search Certification Requirements NYSED, Office of Teaching Initiatives website.

Who Needs a Librarian?

New York State Regulations


Commissioner's Regulations and Library Materials Aid for New York State School Libraries

§91.1 School Libraries

§91.2 Employment of School Librarians

§90.18 School Library Systems


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