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Eclipse Resources for 2024: Home

Resources for libraries and other organizations in preparation for the total solar eclipse happening in our region on April 8, 2024.

A total solar eclipse will be visible through New York State on April 8, 2024.  The path of totality will run from Jamestown and Buffalo through Rochester, Seneca Falls and Auburn into Syracuse and Watertown, into the North Country.  The rest of New York State will see a partial eclipse, with at least 88% totality (in Long Island).  Ithaca will see 98-99% totality.  The next total eclipse for the United States will be in 2045 and the next one in New York won't be until 2079!

NASA's 2024 Eclipse Site

NASA's Eclipse Map

A general website with basic, approachable information about the eclipse. 

American Astronomical Society

Check out the American Astronomical Society's website about the eclipse, including their approved list of eclipse glasses suppliers:

Beware of purchasing directly from Amazon, Temu or other online retailers; they may not be legitimate and could be dangerous.


Interactive Map from the National Solar Observatory, AURA and National Science Foundation

Click on your location on the map to find out when the eclipse will happen in your community, right down to the second. 

Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024 - NSO - National Solar Observatory

Interactive Map from Eclipse2024

Plug in your location in the top right to find out when the eclipse will happen in your community, right down to the second. 

Library of Congress Solar Eclipses: A Reference Guide

This guide highlights resources on solar eclipses and eclipse observation and photography, listing general works as well as guidebooks, eclipse expedition and observation reports, library blog posts and videos, internet websites and more.

A Guide for Public Libraries and Their Communities

Tourism Guide for New Yorkers


The I Love NY website from New York's Department of Economic Development has put together resources an information that you can reuse, like a playlist of songs and a list of great local sites from which to view the eclipse.

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council.