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History Unbound: Local History Lesson Ideas

Southern Tier (GST & BT BOCES)

Finger Lakes (CO & TST & OCM BOCES)

Northern Catskills (DCMO & ONC)

Smith & Telfer Photographs

Ask with any great set of photographs, this collection is rife with possibility.  
* Ask each student to choose one of the 300+ images. Have them write a paragraph about the picture, requiring a tie-in to research in a newspaper database like  For example, if they chose a photo of a building, can they show a Google streetview of the current building?  If they chose a circus performer, can they find a circus program from a similar year and a similar county fair?  If they chose a portrait, can they find any information about the individual from or a book?

Eva Coo in Oneonta

Milk Strikes

Henry Wilcox, Farmer

Murder Pamphlets

This project is administered by the South Central Regional Library Council.